Sunday, August 13, 2006

Returning to the old stomping grounds

Time out to play with the ducks for a while

I am waiting for my fishing partner so we can go

An early morning out, you noticed Lynne doesn't go fishing in the mornings

The parking isn't the same, the boat is a Plain Jane but the fishing is the same

Lynne, it's hard to see the fish she caught,
Lynne caught the bait

Lynne with some a size bigger
The afternoon sun bothers her eyes or is it nap time.

Lynne and Tara waiting for the big one

Tara at the Camp Ground
They traded their Cottage for a mobile dog house
Tara checking out the area, waiting for a pat on the head and an hello

The new fishing shack on wheels

After a couple of major surgeries and a clean bill of health, we purchased a used RV, a used fishing boat and decided to go fishing again. It's not the same as owning a cottage but it has it's good points. No lawns to mow, no major upkeep, you fill up the tank when the old age cheque comes in and head for the fishing hole. We have returned to our old fishing spots at Wallace Lake and although we have smaller quarters to live in our needs are not the same and both of us can get out of bed in the morning, put our two feet on the floor and say it looks like a nice day. What more could you ask!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to show your happines. I have yet to be to Wallace lake, however The man i plan on marrying one day used to with his father and do a canoe trip often. i have heard wonderful things about wallace lake. and we will be camping there next week , July 13-16 2010. i will keep a look out for your place and Tara... Thanks for sharing as I was trying to google to see what the lake looks like... now Just need to find a Canoe...Hopefully i can share some of my pics after we get back.. Take care, have a wonderful summer, and Happy fishing!