Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our First Cottage at Wallace lake 1978

Lot 22 Block 1, Wallace Lake

This was lake front property that we purchased and then came the forest fire when we lost everything and started over again.

Our First Cottage at Wallace Lake

Norm and Lynne's first cabin. Just added a deck and a couple more rooms on to it. The left side was screened in and we had 6 double bunks in it for use by the boys that we took camping on wilderness trips. We sold this one and purchased another one on the lake shore.

The turn off from 304 into the Wallace Lake area, 3 more miles to go

The Hotel in the town of Bissett, Manitoba

This is the last stop before Wallace Lake. It is the place to buy your minnows, your 12 pack and get ready for your final 12 miles to Wallace Lake either to your cottage or the camp ground for a good time of fishing in one of the best fishing areas around the Province.

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